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"GohGan" is the first physical establishment created through the collaboration of two renowned owner chefs. One is Mr. Tsuyoshi Fukuyama, the owner chef of "La Maison de la Nature Go," a Michelin-starred restaurant in Fukuoka and Saga versions of the Michelin Guide. He has also been frequently selected in "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants." The other is Mr. Gaggan Anand, the owner chef of "Gaggan Anand," an Indian restaurant in Bangkok that has clinched the top spot four times in "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

Located on the first floor, "GohGan" offers an indoor dining space with 55 seats where guests can enjoy the live kitchen experience, as well as a terrace by the river with 20 seats.

Both indoors and on the terrace, "GohGan" has two different facets, allowing guests to enjoy a wide range of experiences from à la carte options to set menus. They also host various events. They not only focus on the taste but also pay great attention to the aroma and presentation, providing an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere.


LUNCH: [ Tue・Wed・Thu・Sun ]
Last Order: Food 14:00 / Drink 14:30
[ Fri・Sat ]
Last Order: Food 14:00 / Drink 14:30
DINNER: [ Tue・Wed・Thu・Sun ]
Last Order: Food 21:00 / Drink 21:30
[ Fri・Sat ]
Last Order: Food 23:00 / Drink 23:30
CLOSED: Mondays
  • * Please note that opening hours may change due to events or other circumstances.
    For monthly closing dates, please check our Instagram page.


À la carte

We offer 55 seats where you can enjoy the live kitchen experience. Additionally, we have two private rooms for up to six people each available.

Omakase Course/GohGan

¥7,000 (¥7,700 including tax)

We have prepared the perfect course for you to get to know GohGan, which combines Indian and French techniques and offers a sensory experience with various spices and herbs. It is suitable for a wide range of occasions, from dining with friends to business meetings. Please enjoy dishes that not only taste good but are also meticulously crafted in terms of presentation and aroma.


Riverside Terrace

You can enjoy your meal inside the restaurant or enjoy the pleasant breeze of the Nakagawa River on our terrace.

Allez Allez01

We host various collaboration events with chefs and artists. Follow us on Instagram for live updates and broadcasts!

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Reservations and inquiries are a from 12PM. to 5PM
TEL 092-281-0555