About 010 BUILDING

Making Fukuoka a more exciting city through a new culture.

010 BUILDING aims to bring a new culture to Fukuoka by collaborating with the world's top creators across national and cultural boundaries.
To create an unprecedented facility, we will bring together Zero-Ten's global network and experience to host a variety of events and projects that will make art and entertainment more commonplace in everyday life.


  • Goh

    Goh Fukuyama's Restaurant has been ranked among Asia's 50 Best Restaurants six times.


    Born in Fukuoka in 1971. He started his career in French cuisine when he was a high school student, and after training at "Île-de-France" and "Mercury Cafe" in Fukuoka, he opened his own restaurant, "La Maison de la Nature Goh", in Nakasu in 2002.
    After being ranked in "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" for the first time in 2016, he has been on the list in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.
  • Gaggan Anand

    Gaggan has been held first place for the fourth year in a row on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

    Gaggan Anandイメージ

    Indian-born celebrity chef Gagan Anand is the most awarded chef in Asia. His Bangkok restaurant has won first place in "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" four times in the past, making him the most famous Indian chef in the world.
  • Design Architect


    Architectural design firm designs everything from NY landmarks to Mars dwellings

    CLOUDS AOイメージ

    Founded in New York in 2010 (members:Masayuki Sono, Yuko Sono, and Ostap Rudakevich) with a focus on creativity that integrates knowledge from the planning, design, and research fields. With a design methodology based on principles, perceptual experience, and a thorough process-oriented approach, the firm is involved in a wide range of designs from housing, public facilities, and public art to space architecture. His projects have received awards from the American Institute of Architects, the City of New York, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and others.
  • Executive Architect
    Theater Design


    An award-winning architectural design firm in Fukuoka


    NKS2 is a first-class architect firm based in Fukuoka.
    based on Fukuoka.
    They received the Architec tural Institute of Japan Award for his work at Meiken Kogyo's headquarters office.
    Worked on various other architectural projects in Kyushu.
    With the theme of "flexible structure," the firm has been involved in various public and private buildings of different sizes, including distinctive private residences, offices, clinics, public buildings, schools, nursery schools, and cruise ship terminals.
  • Executive Architect
    Theater Design

    Takumi Nakahara

    One of the best young architects in Fukuoka

    Takumi Nakaharaイメージ

    Architect, born in Fukuoka in 1987, joined Kengo Kuma & Associates after finishing the graduate school of Kyushu University in 2013 and has been in charge of various projects, mainly large-scale commercial facilities such as Shinpuk an (commercial complex centring on Ace Hotel Kyoto) and Ginza (historic theater in Nagoya). 2020, established Takumi Nakahara Architects. He also designed the interior of the Inamacho-Dori Underground Passage (yHa architects), which opened in Tenjin, Fukuoka City, in August 2022.
  • Landscape Designer

    Eiji Asada/Ordinary + Scape

    Engaged in various landscape design projects mainly in Kyushu and Tokyo.

    Eiji Asada/Ordinary + Scapeイメージ

    RLA, Professional Engineer, born in Fukuoka in 1975. After working for a civil engineering design and landscape architecture firm, he joined a landscape architectural firm (DNA) in Fukuoka. He won landscape awards for the Nishi-Nippon City Bank Kokoro Garden and the Yanagawa Civic Cultural Hall. While working at the office, he also engages in individual design activities and tries to make proposals that are not bound by the conventional design framework. Currently engaged in large-scale park projects in Kyushu and Tokyo.
Performing Art
  • Zero-Ten

    A creative group that creates culture from Fukuoka.


    Dare to create a culture that makes the city more interesting.
    A creative group that is constantly creating new and unprecedented initiatives. They are involved in art curation, events, stage production, projection mapping, and BBQs, and more, they are constantly working on things that they find fun and stimulating.
  • Staff Apparel Design

    Eiichi Izumi

    A world-renowned fashion designer from Fukuoka, Japan.
    He directs the core brand "MINOTAUR INST".

    <span>MINOTAUR INST.</span><br>Eiichi Izumiイメージ

    Born in Hakata, Japan. CEO of FANT/ FONT PARIS (French company) / Director of MINOTAUR INST.
    Works from two bases in Paris and Tokyo. Planning and designing things that enrich people's lives, mainly related to clothing. Directs the core brand MINOTAUR INST. which is modern real clothes that are comfortable in body and mind. Advisor for a new fashion division of a global company.
    Designed and produced uniforms for Panasonic global staff and nationwide SONY STORE staff at a general electronics manufacturer.
    Michito Kaneko

    He won World champion as a bartender in 2015, who is also owner of LAMP BAR in Nara. LAMP BAR is ranked in Asia's 50 Best Bars.

    <span>LAMP BAR</span><br>Michito Kanekoイメージ

    Trained as a bartender for 13 years then opened his own bar "LAMP BAR" in 2011.
    He participated in the world's largest bartender competition "World Class 2015" as a representative of Japan. His deep knowledge of cocktails and originality were highly evaluated, and he won the World Champion. "LAMP BAR" was ranked 20th in "Asia's 50 Best Bars" in 2022.
  • La Barre Charger
    Shigeki Ikeda

    Owner-bartender of the most popular restaurant in Nakasu, Kyushu's largest entertainment area.

    <span>La Barre Charger</span><br>Shigeki Ikedaイメージ

    Born in Saga Prefecture. After graduating from a university, he entered a bar bespa in Nakasu and worked there for 10 years before going out on his own. He holds many qualifications such as sommelier, sake diploma, cheese professional, and cigar manager. Currently he runs Bar Charge, Wine Bar T6O and Cigar & Madeira Chart.
    Fukuoka, the city where all the nation's foodies are expected to eat and drink, He wants to bring smiles to people's faces through food.