[close] BAR 010 Guest Shift Day Vol.3

BAR 010 holds a monthly event called “GUEST SHIFT DAY” where they invite guest bartenders. In June, they will be welcoming their first international guest, Mr. Lim Byungjin, who hails from a famous bar in Korea that has been selected as one of Asia’s Best Bar 50. Please enjoy the cocktails from this renowned Korean bar. Additionally, during the second half of the event, you will also have the opportunity to watch a show at the adjacent THEATER 010.


2024/06/19(WED) 19:00-22:00

Special Guest Bartender

Lim Byungjin  @bj_bartender


ADV / 7,700 JPY (It includes 3 cocktails )

Update Information:Instagram

Lim Byungjin

BAR CHAM’s owner and bartender, Lim Byungjin, began his career in bars in Seoul in 2007. In 2015, he won the World Class Korea competition and became independent in 2016. Currently, he owns and operates three establishments in Seoul: BAR CHAM, BAR POMME, and CHAM IN SEASON. In 2023, he was ranked 75th in the World’s Best Bar and 13th in Asia’s Best Bar, establishing himself as a renowned bartender.