[close] Hajime Kinoko

HAJIME KINOKO ▼SPECIAL SHOW INFO 2023/8/26 SAT 1st Stage   21:00- 2nd Stage 22:30-  In this performance, you will see a bondage show that develops into various forms in the air and bamboo hanging, which will be performed for the first time at THEATER 010. HAJIME KINOKO @hajime_shibari Contemporary artist, bondage artist, rope artist, photographer  His [close] Hajime Kinoko

[close] Katsura Shuncho Rakugo

Shuncho Katsura’s Rakugo Talk Show “Kacho Fukugetsu” will be held. Shuncho Katsura continues to lead the Kamigata rakugo world by constantly exploring new creative possibilities while continuing the tradition of classical rakugo. He will be performing the ghost story “Eshimaya Soudou” (The Commotion at Eshimaya). Please take this opportunity to experience the cool of the [close] Katsura Shuncho Rakugo

[close] DJ EVENT – Gilles Peterson –

GILLES PETERSON JAPAN TOUR 2023!  GILLES PETERSON (Brownswood Recordings / BBC / Worldwide FM I UK), a tastemaker at the forefront of music trends, is coming to Japan! Experience his talent that continues to influence DJs and artists around the world with his genre-defying play at THEATER 010! GILLES PETERSON JAPAN TOUR 2023 -STILL SEARCHING FOR [close] DJ EVENT – Gilles Peterson –

010 BUILDING update information

010 THEATERにセクシー王子「CIMA」が登場!!2/16(木)~18(土)に出演決定!博多がセクシー旋風で百花繚乱! ダンス界のセクシー王子ことポールダンサー CIMA 【シーマ】が010 THEATERでセクシーに咲き乱れます。3月以降もセクシー王子が博多に!?出演するかもしれないので、アップデートがあり次第お知らせいたします。 プロフィール 日本のポールダンス業界を牽引し、現在はメンズセクシーユニットを創設。TiKTokの中で大バズり中のコンテンツ【北新地ボーイレスク】を主催し日本のエンタメの常識を変える為に日々活動中。010シアターでは空中でのポールダンス演目「フライングポール」を実施!