[close] Rope Artist “Hajime Kinoko” Special Show

A special show by Japan’s leading bondage artist “Hajime Kinoko” will be held!

Please come to THEATER 010 to experience the sublimation of “bondage” not only as eroticism, but also as various forms of art.

*Photographs may differ from the actual performance.


2024/4/27 SAT
1st Performance 21:00〜
2nd Performance 22:50〜
*Performance times are subject to change without notice.

Special Guest Performer

Hajime Kinoko(@hajime_shibari

Update Infoemation:Instagram

Hajime Kinoko

Contemporary artist, Shibari master, Rope artist, photographer

Kinoko not only considers shibari to be erotic but is also good at giving it pop interpretation and promote it to art. His unique ties incorporating nature (such as trees and rocks) as well as projects involving the innovative use of space have especially won praise. In addition to performing live rope shows, he has recently been actively releasing artwork including photographs and video, often being in charge of tying, photography, and direction. He is also well known outside of Japan, having conducted workshops in more than 20 major cities such as Paris, London, and Munich as well as in Japan. Kinoko is a rope specialist representing Japan.

Hajime Kinoko Official Website